Susanne K. Langer Circle


The Susanne K. Langer Circle is an international multi-disciplinary network of people interested in the work of Susanne K. Langer (1895-1985). It was founded in 2020 following conversations between scholars from the USA, Britain and the Netherlands whose paths had crossed at different conferences. The online founding meeting on 2 October 2020 was attended by over sixty people from nine countries and six different time zones.

The Circle welcomes academics, independent scholars, practising artists and any other practitioners with an interest in Langer.

The current steering group consists of Iris van der Tuin (University of Utrecht), Sander Verhaegh (Tilburg University) and Adrienne Dengerink Chaplin (King’s College London) with various subcommittees working on specific projects to include the organisation of the workshops and seminars; the preparation for the 2024 conference; the collection of  biographical information in co-operation with the Langer family; the documentation and uploading of archival material on the website; work with publishers on re-issuing out of print works).


The website is being administered by Peter Windle (University of Kent).