Susanne K. Langer Circle

Conference 2024

Langer, Creativity, and American Thought:

A Conference on the Work and Influence of Susanne Langer

The Susanne Langer Circle announces an interdisciplinary conference covering all aspects of the thought of Susanne Langer. The conference will be hosted by the American Institute of Philosophical and Cultural Thought (AIPCT), Murphysboro, IL, and by Southern Illinois University Carbondale (SIUC), June 24-28, 2024.

The conference is sponsored by the Society for the Advancement of American Philosophy and the Foundation for the Philosophy of Creativity, along with AIPCT and SIUC.

The conference will include keynote addresses, an artistic experience, a virtual reality demonstration and experience, and a conference dinner. Most speakers will be presenting in a series of plenary sessions.

Keynote Speakers:

Juliet Floyd, Boston University
Iris van der Tuin, University of Utrecht
Donald Dryden, Duke University

Robert Innis, University of Massachusetts, Lowell

We seek contributions from any academic discipline and from the world of the performing and visual arts. Papers from beyond academia will be given equal and serious consideration. Especially sought are papers addressing Langer’s relation to creativity and to the many strains of American thought, in the humanities, social science, natural science, and fine arts. Both the sources that influenced Langer, and those she influenced are welcome, along, with any work on biographical and historical context for her work. The ways her work can be brought productively into the present are also welcome, that is, work that is Langer-inspired and in the spirit of Langer’s thought.

In our previous international conference (Frankfurt 2022), topics for sessions included Langer’s contributions to these areas:

Nature and Mind
Philosophy of Art and Art Criticism
Visual Art
Women’s and Gender Studies
Performing Arts and Performance Theory
Music and Musicology
Anthropology and Ethnology
Psychology (Cultural, Gestalt, Developmental, Clinical, Humanistic)
Logic and the Theory of Knowledge
Communication Theory, Symbology and Semiotics
Popular Culture and Cultural Studies
Literary Criticism
Social Theory (including Politics)
Creativity Studies

Pedagogy and Educational Thought

Carbondale is reached by air through Chicago, with flights to Marion, IL Veterans Airport (MWA). The University is 100 miles southeast of St. Louis Missouri in the beautiful, forested foothills of the Ozark Mountains. It is a popular tourist destination with hiking, riding, camping, and a wine trail. The region is known for its orchards, lakes, organic farms, and its fine Americana music scene.

Accommodations will be primarily at the Holiday Inn Express in Murphysboro, IL, a new hotel, with a special conference rate of $80 per night. Every effort will be made to keep the conference affordable. The region is very affordable by US standards.

Abstracts may be submitted to:

The deadline for abstracts is: March 31, 2024

Full papers are expected by: May 15, 2024