Susanne K. Langer Circle

The continuing work of Langer

This page lists work which follows in the footsteps of Langer, continuing The Langerean Project rather than directly considering her ideas, and their context, in relative isolation. This work builds on the work of Langer.

Of Whitehead, Langer wrote, “The writings of the sage to whom this book is dedicated receive scant explicit mention… Sometimes a mere article or essay… can give one’s thinking a new slant or suddenly organize one’s scattered knowledge into a significant idea, yet be completely swallowed up in the theories it has influenced so that no specific reference can be made to it at any particular point of their exposition.” (PNK, xv) Something of the same tendency may be found to varying degrees in the works listed here.

If you know of work you think should be listed below, or think something has been miscategorised, please let us know here.

The continuing work of Langer

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