Susanne K. Langer Circle

Other published works by Langer


Early short stories and poems from The Radcliffe Magazine and The Harvard Magazine 1916-1920 [here]

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‘Translator’s Preface’ to Langer’s Translation of Ernst Cassirer’s Language and Myth, 1946. [here]

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Langer’s ‘Introduction’ to her edited collection of articles, Reflections on Art: A Source Book of Writings by Artists, Critics, and Philosophers (1958). [here]

‘Why Philosophy?’ In The Saturday Evening Post (1961). [here]

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‘The Social Influence of Design’ (1966) (conference transcript – an address given at The American Design Conference “Who Designs America?”, Princeton, 1964). [here]

‘Algebra and the Development of Reason’.  The Mathematics Teacher, Vol. 59 No. 2 (February 1966). [here]

‘The Cultural Importance of the Arts’. Journal of Aesthetic Education 1, no. 1 (1 April 1966): 5–12. [here]

‘The Expression of Feeling in Dance’. Impulse (1968): 15-27. [here]

‘The Great Shift: Instinct to Intuition’ article in Man and Beast: Comparative Social Behaviour (1971), based on a paper given at the 1969 Smithsonian Institution Annual Symposium. Donald Dryden notes that this is the only place where Langer gives a summary of the overall argument of Mind. [here]

‘De Profundis’. Revue Internationale de Philosophie, Vol. 28, No. 110 (1974). [here]

‘The Dynamic Image: Some Philosophical Reflections on Dance’. Salmagundi, No. 33/34, (Spring-Summer 1976). [here]